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The New Yorker: First to assimilate Las Vegas shooting victims into anti-gun narrative

It was only a matter of time folks. As the victims of the Las Vegas murderer still lay awaiting burial, the New Yorker has feigned memorial for them in a push to promote their anti-"assault weapon" agenda.

The left has no shame, there is no tragedy too great, and the smugness with which they do it is palpable. The product of artist David Plunkert's artistic skill and political gall, the latest edition of the New Yorker's cover will feature a display of the names of the 58 victims murdered last Sunday night, (yes not even a week ago, Oct 1, 2017). The cover features the silhouettes of various cartridges, each inscribed with a victim's name.

Is this what you call a memorial? The piece of art (read: propaganda) is entitled "October 1, 2017: One Day in a Nation of Guns". Yep, a "nation of guns", is that who murdered these husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters?

I hardly think David Plunkert cares, nor do I the New Yorker. Do you think perhaps they took into consideration the personal views of the victims here? Perhaps the victims' families were consulted to see if their deceased loved ones would care to take part in Plunkert's agenda? Do you suppose maybe that the victims owned assault rifles? Do you think maybe they considered that perhaps the children of these victims will inherit a weapon from their murdered family member? Do you think maybe that these grieving relatives have fond memories of using their impugned rifles responsibly with their now deceased family members? I hardly think the New Yorker cares.

Perhaps what upsets me the most is that these liberals believe they are SO right that they didn't even think to ask these questions. May God be with the families who have suffered great loss and now forevermore must carry their grief with the mark of political appropriation on their loved ones' memories.